Not just for rainy days! Cinema-Prerow has a long tradition and now offers modern 3-D technology and the latest movies.

What was the Café Wien dance hall is now the Cinema-Prerow. There has been a cinema at Waldstraße 5 in the centre of Prerow since 1956. The historic screening room was so small that they would open the windows so that they could show large format films, moving the projector 30 cm further back. But that has since changed. In the 1970s, a new cinema was built and the old dance hall was history.

Since then, the house has undergone several changes and has been called Cinema-Prerow since 1998. Modern 3-D technology and blockbuster films have come to town. 152 cosy cinema seats provide plenty of space for audiences to nibble on their popcorn and hold hands as they enjoy the latest movies.


The small but wonderful nature movie festival is one of the most popular ones nature movie festivals in whole Germany.
© Arche Natura / Ludwig Nikulski


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