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There’s never a reason for the little ones to be bored in Prerow. At Kindersommer (Summer for Children), kids can learn to scout like an Indian, make coins disappear, and go with Hans on the pursuit of happiness. A colourful programme and not just for rainy days.

Almost half the town can hear the shouts of “Achtung Kasper!” as the clueless Kasper is eyed by the devil and all of the children have already caught sight of him. Various puppet theatre pieces such as Prenzel Kasper keep the kids happy every summer in Prerow.

From July to August, Prerow’s Kindersommer offers the little ones a great programme of activities: from making animals out of balloons to potato stamping and when magician Liar steals everyone’s noses. How rude!

The organisers of Kindersommer are the Kurbetrieb Prerow in cooperation with the MeerBücher Bookshop. Summer is even more fun for families in Prerow thanks to lots of puppets, theatre, clowning around, and magic. 

Family Tips

Prerow has everything even the little guest could desire. Safely enjoying lots of fun and games is our main goal.

You can download the Kindersommer Flyer below if available

Kindersommer Flyer

Thu 28.6. –
Wed 29.8.

Kindersommer Prerow
(Summer for Children)

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Tickle your funny bone and take in the sea air at this outdoor cartoon festival. Almost all summer long. Heile Bilder / Family Cartoons © Nel

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