Darßer Naturfilmfestival

The beauty of nature takes over the silver screen here on the Darß once every year. Nature lovers, filmmakers, and documentary freaks come together each year for the Darßer Naturfilmfestival. A selection of the most moving and aesthetically pleasing images of our planet compete here for the Golden Crane, the German Nature Film Prize.

Just as the thousands of cranes make their way to the Darß each October, the prize for the best nature film is being awarded in Prerow. Germany’s highest honour for nature documentarians attracts writers, filmmakers and documentary fans from all over to this idyllic spot on the Baltic.

14 films, cinema and television productions are nominated each year for the German Nature Film Prize. The films not only show the magic of nature, but also how it is being destroyed across the planet. Recent years have seen films about “problem bears”, dying queen bees, and intelligent plants.

The festival is accompanied with workshops, discussions and excursions to the national park. The direct link between filmmakers and audience ensures an almost family atmosphere. “This mix of holiday, movie festival, seminar and family reunion is really unique,” says author and journalist Volker Arzt, who regularly attends the festival.

The “CAMäleon” prize is given to filmmakers between the ages of 12 and 18 in cooperation with the Heinz Sielmann Foundation.

The festival was launched to mark the fifteenth anniversary of the national park “Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft”. It has since become a popular industry event and cultural highlight on the Darß. Venues include Prerow’s Kulturkaten Kiek In and the cinema boat in Born harbour.

Wed 3.10. –
Sun 7.10.


4th October to
8th October
Kulturkaten Kiek In
18375 Ostseebad Prerow

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The crane’s migration is one of the most impressive spectacle of bird’s nature and you can take part of this unforgettable experience in the national park. © Marcus Horstbrink

© Arche Natura / Ludwig Nikulski
© Arche Natura / Ludwig Nikulski
Mustang / Flucht aus den Bergen © ARTE
Bienenfresser © THK Nautilusfilm

National Park

The national park offers the chance to see wildlife in their pristine, natural habitat. © Bettina Gibas

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Header picture: Polar Bear Summer © Matthias Breiter