The brave sailors believed that they were under divine protection on the high seas and gave their thanks at this old seamen’s church.
© Hanna Treuger

The history of the Darß is beautifully reflected in some Prerow buildings. Some of the wooden doors on the homes tell the stories of brave sailors and of the lighthouse back from the days when the signals were still made of fire.

On walks through Prerow, you’ll discover many wonderful witnesses to the past. Whether it’s a captain’s, fisherman’s, or peasant’s house, they all have one thing in common: they are covered with thatched roofs made of reed. A practical natural building material directly from the lagoons that protects against heat in summer and insulates in winter.

The most beautiful characteristic of these buildings is probably the colourful doors, from the late 18th century when seafaring flourished in the town. Richly decorated doors let the neighbours know that a successful seafaring family lived in that house. Carved symbols such as sun crosses, flowers, and anchors were supposed to give blessings of peace and prosperity to those who cross the threshold.

Even the old lighthouse in Darsser Ort remains active after witnessing more than 160 years of maritime history. If you can manage the 134 steps to the top, you’ll get to enjoy some wonderful views of the open sea. Even older is the Seemannskirche in Prerow. Built in 1728, it is the oldest remaining house of worship on the Darss.

The “youngest” maritime building is the pier: built in 1993 and extending 394 metres out from shore. The massive structure replaced a series of wooden piers that were no longer holding up to the ravages of the sea. The pier offers a wonderful view over the idyllic coastline and is a popular spot for fishing.


A piece of old maritime history: The lighthouse has brought hundreds of crews back to harbour safely for over 160 years. © Johannes-Maria Schlorke


The new steel and concrete pier is finally in place. Strong waves and icy conditions had led people in historic Prerow to despair at the state of their piers. © René Roloff

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Header picture: Historic postcard, Pier © Darß-Museum