Seebrücke (Pier)

390 metres of iron and concrete defy waves and ice. The solid construction is a popular spot for fishermen and offers a wonderful view of the idyllic coastal landscape.

A hundred years ago, all Prerow had was just a jetty for small passenger boats. It was later replaced by a larger, wooden pier. The forces of nature and the constant ebb and flow of the sea and ice were a constant challenge to the old pier, however. It was in constant need of repair and maintenance work. The people of Prerow continued to rebuild the wooden pier until the closing of the inner-German borders in 1961 put a stop to it.

Since 1993, Prerow now has a new, very massive pier that’s 390 metres long. The pier is celebrated here every year at the Seebrückenfest (pier festival), the New Year’s Eve fireworks, and the traditional Anbaden.

Theoretically, passenger ships could dock here if it were not for the constant winds that can make this a rather dangerous manoeuvre. As a result, there is no regular ship traffic at Prerow’s pier.

Fri 5.6. –
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Pier Festival &
Shanty Choir Meeting

5th to 7th June
Start: 5th June
19:00 hrs
Seebrücke (Pier)
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