The Seemannskirche (Seamen’s Church) is the oldest church on the Darß (built between 1726 and 1728). Its interior tells of ships’ crews being rescued who then donated lovingly built model ships or chandeliers. In addition to traditional worship services, the church also hosts exhibitions, readings and concerts.

One can only imagine how many sailors have over the decades lamented their suffering and gave thanks for surviving. In its nearly 300 years of existence, it was for many sailors literally the rock in the storm: Prerow’s Seemannskirche.

The former half-timbered building has witnessed many changes and has stood as a brick building with a wooden tower since 1830. The church is surrounded by many ancient, elaborately carved grave stones telling the stories of yesteryear. The oldest dates back to the 1690s.

Many sailors left behind tokens of their gratitude in the church, including historic model ships that took years of finely detailed work can be admired inside the church. Farmers in Prerow donated the brass chandelier in 1728, while the crystal chandelier was given to the church by the crew rescued from a shipwreck.

In addition to regular worship services, the old church also hosts exhibitions, talks and concerts. Once a year, the parsonage hosts the Seemannskirchenfest (church festival).

The Age
of Sailing

Privation and rough. The sailors didn’t always have a tailwind. The mid-19th century was the zenith of sea travel and 90 % of Prerow’s population worked the seas. © René Roloff

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