Aquatic Sports

One passion: wind. One goal: the sea. The Saaler lagoon and the Baltic Sea offer excellent conditions for windsurfers, kitesurfers and catamaran sailors. Who needs to go to California when you can do all that here on the Baltic?

The Perfect Wave

The feeling of being carried by the sea, setting sail in the wind, and riding into the wave from the beach: you need to have experienced yourself to understand what makes surfing so fascinating. Granted, the first steps can be very frustrating if you have to crawl back onto the board time and time again. The good thing: the Baltic offers top conditions for beginners. The lagoons and inland waters are very safe and relatively flat and offer plenty of opportunities to practise. Newcomers can learn their craft in sampler or intensive courses offered in Prerow.

Advanced surfers will probably prefer the open sea. A briefing from a resident surfing/diving instructor or the DLRG is necessary to learn about the local currents and the winds. From April to October, it’s also just fun watching the experts and real water acrobats do their thing in the waves on the Darß.

The monster waves familiar from the Atlantic coast don’t happen here in Prerow. Instead, the highlight here is clearly the wind, hence the preference here for windsurfing over catching the waves. The diverse landscapes of the National Park also provide plenty of scenery to enjoy, although it might best be discovered with sports that are slightly less action-packed. Depending on the wind and weather conditions, Prerow Bay, the wide lagoons or the Prerow Inlet are all perfect spots for guided tours and paddle courses with sea kayaks or stand-up boards.

You can, of course, hire surfboards, kiteboards, etc. in town. The local suppliers are also the best experts on local conditions, so if you’re going out on your own in the national park especially, follow all of the posted rules!


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National Park

The national park offers the chance to see wildlife in their pristine, natural habitat.
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Would you rather go below the water’s surface? No problem! Divers off the coast will discover seaweed jungles, countless schools of fish, starfish, and shellfish beds. More adventurous guests might even want to go night diving with forehead lamps to check out the sea’s nocturnal creatures. Or you might want to explore one of the many wrecks off the coast of Prerow. You can also earn professional diving instructor certification here on the Darß.


Prerow offers white beaches and wild coasts. For water lovers, there are many ways to experience the sea. © René Roloff

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