Nordic Walking – a Sporty Way to Explore Nature

Nordic walking is all about literally going over hill and dale at a fast pace. This trendy, yet gentle sport gives your heart and circulation a good workout and combines the experience of nature with keeping fit. Prerow offers a wide range of outdoor training trails and courses for beginners.

Walking with poles was originally developed as a summer training method for cross-country skiers. It has since been embraced by many because it is gentle on one’s joints. Anyone can go Nordic walking and discover Prerow’s beautiful landscapes in the process.


Various outdoor training trails between 8 and 20 km in length cross a variety of terrains here including beach, gravel, sand dunes and earth. Various substrates, walking speeds, inclines and exposure to the wind all pave the way for a coordinated sporting challenge. The starting point for these outdoor training trails is the information booth at Freilichtbühne (Prerow’s open-air stage). All of the outdoor training trails connect to the designated trails in the national park.

There are a total of nine of these outdoor training trails in Prerow. Whether on the shores of the lagoons or the Baltic Sea, to the bird-watching platforms or along the lighthouse trail, all offer varied landscapes and terrains and suitable for beginner and advanced Nordic walkers.


Beginners can learn the basics in a Nordic walking course. All you need is a pair of Nordic walking poles (for hire at the tourist information office) and running shoes and you’ll be ready to go. Experienced Nordic walking trainers will walk the trails with you and show the key skills for a successful experience.

Nordic Walking Routes

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is offering you Nordic Walking
Routes in different degrees.


Prerow offers white beaches and wild coasts. For water lovers, there are many ways to experience the sea. © René Roloff

National Park

The national park offers the chance to see wildlife in their pristine, natural habitat. © Bettina Gibas

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