Walking in Harmony
with Nature

There’s no better way to experience nature than on foot. All of your senses are involved as you take in the natural smells, take in the vibrant colours, and feel the wind on your face. The body loves the gentle nature of walking and although the steps are small, you’ll sometimes be amazed at you’ll discover as you walk the trails across the beach, through the forest or on the dike. Why not find out which trail suits you best?

Coastal wind rustling in the trees, insects buzzing past, and the soft give of the forest floor underneath. Such a walk can become an almost meditative experience for the senses. Do take time during your Prerow holiday for an intentional walk. Without music in the ears or lots of chatter, maybe a little slower than usual, so that you can focus on the scents, sounds and sights of nature.

Intact landscapes such as our wild beach on the west coast or the gnarled old trees in the Darß Forest are a perfect setting for it. You’ll come away wonderfully relaxed as if the stress is magically absorbed by the grains of sand and the leaves on the forest floor.

In and around Prerow there are numerous hiking trail and suggested walks who want to explore the cost at a slow, deliberate pace. You can also sign up to shared experiences of nature, too. For example, you might want to join guided mushroom and herb hunts or take part in our tour of the historic village. All offer the perfect combination of fresh air with fresh knowledge.


Prerow offers white beaches and wild coasts. For water lovers, there are many ways to experience the sea. © René Roloff

The Ancient Darß Forest

Trees like in a fairy tale, with massive roots, covered in moss, and otherworldly. Discover a European forest in its most original form.


You can check the tips
and routes for walking
in our local map.

Mushroom Trail

Forest and grasslands of the Darß are advantageous for the growth of mushrooms.
© H.P. Brinkmann, CC BY-SA 2.0

Historic Tours

Walk in the footsteps of the ancient mariners or learn interesting facts about the development of the swimming culture in Prerow.
Historic postcard © Darß-Museum

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