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The Blue Flag

Whenever it’s waving over the beach, you can go swimming with a clear conscience. The blue flag indicates water quality that meets our high environmental and safety standards.

© Jule Hass
West Beach © René Roloff
© René Roloff
© Michael Panse
© René Roloff
West Beach © René Roloff
© René Roloff
© René Roloff
© René Roloff
© René Roloff

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Caribbean sand or wild and romantic solitude. No matter what type of beach you prefer, you will find both in Prerow. The north beach is a classic beauty: snow-white sand, clear, shallow sea. Its western counterpart is rough, wild, and intoxicating.

The North Beach – the German South Sea Paradise

The Prerow north beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany. Fine white sand, clear water, and a shallow, safe sea. In weather it evokes that south sea feeling. The kilometre-long and up to 100 meters wide north beach has also been distinguished with the “Blue Flag”, an international award for high environmental standards and perfect water quality.

The over 100-year-old beach promenade, with small thatched shops and cafes, will invite you to stroll and eat ice cream. Enjoy the view of the open sea on a beach chair, and let the snow-white sand flow through your fingers.

We also have a nudist beach here with a long tradition (special section), along with the “Regenbogencamp”. At the car-free campsite you can hear the sound of the waves while falling asleep – it doesn't get more natural than this.

Aquatic Sports

Windsurfing, canoeing, or sailing a catamaran. There are many ways to conquer the Baltic Sea. © darßtour

Copacabana, Miami Beach, Prerow

The west beach is known for its rugged beauty. The trees are wildly shaped by the sea wind, and grow up to the dunes. They are called “Windflüchter” (wind-swept trees). During a walk on this wild and romantic side of Prerow, you can find Hühnergötter (stones with holes in them), fossilized sea urchins, and even amber. Or just enjoy the coastal wind on your face. The untamed west beach was named one of the “20 most beautiful beaches in the world” by the TV channel “Arte”, in the same breath as the Copacabana and Miami Beach.


Always on duty for your safety. The DLRG is a volunteer organisation providing seaside lifesaving services. © Michael Panse

Beach Chair Readings

Snuggle up in a beach chair, listen to the roar of the sea, perhaps with a glass of wine, and enjoy readings from our guest authors. © Jule Hass

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