A Bracing Climate to Strengthen the Body

Sun, salt and wind: the climate on the sea is unique. On the one hand, it is particularly pure, low in pollen and pollutants, and, on the other, the tiny salt water droplets in the air promote the body's health and wellness.

Prerow has the weather of an island at sea with an above-average number of sunny days each year. The Baltic Sea always ensures a temperate climate.

The combination of sun, salt, humidity and wind makes the climate on the Darß bracing. This bracing weather stimulates the body and helps it shake off the doldrums. For example, the sometimes brisk coastal winds prompt the body to produce more heat. This body feels more energetic and toughens up in the process, while your heart and circulation can relax when the sea temperatures are moderate.


Prerow offers white beaches and wild coasts. For water lovers, there are many ways to experience the sea. © René Roloff


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Sea Spray – Natural Healing

One of the most beautiful and healthy things you can do here on the Darß is take a walk along the surf. As the waves smash on the beach, tiny saltwater droplets are sprayed into the air. This saltwater soothes and heals the respiratory system because sea water is naturally enriched with iodine, magnesium and salt. All you have to do is lick your lips after a walk on the beach and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Up to two grams of salt can accumulate on the skin, resulting in a clarifying and anti-inflammatory effect. In combination with the sun, the body produces vitamin D and cortisol and the immune system is strengthened.

These mild stimuli are particularly conducive to health. One reason why the Barmer Ostseeklinik, a specialist clinic for diseases of the respiratory tract, skin, musculoskeletal system, allergies and sleep problems, moved to Prerow in 1995.

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on the Darß

Light breezes and salty air. The seaside weather in Prerow is extremely healthy. © René Roloff

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