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Walk in the footsteps of the ancient mariners or learn interesting facts about the development of the swimming culture in Prerow. Archive Alfred Wiese © Darß-Museum


Treat your soul to some relaxing moments with a massage, Ayurveda, or spa treatments. Or warm yourself after a wintry walk along the beach in a sauna. © Ginkgo Mare

Nature is key to Prerow’s reputation as a centre for health. The sun, the salt air, and sea breeze have a healing and balancing effect on our bodies, providing relief especially for skin and respiratory diseases. Whether you’re looking for a specific, targeted course of treatment or just seeking inner peace and relaxation, take a look at all that Prerow has on offer.

A visit to Prerow almost automatically becomes a spa holiday. The pure sea air and the healthy, bracing climate by themselves do wonders for anyone’s body. On the Baltic Sea, the air is very clean and near the beach you can even breathe in the healthy mist coming off the sea. A mix that heals and fights inflammation of your skin and respiratory tract.

The mildly bracing, good seaside air had already made Prerow a destination for those concerned about their health by the late 19th century. People with problem with their respiratory tracts, skin and joints come to the Ostseeklinik Prerow to this day, offering modern treatments and a complementary holistic approach.

If you’re looking for an excellent body detox, there’s probably no more beautiful way to do it than a fasting walk in Prerow. A wide range of physical therapy options are available for troubled joints and backs. Or you can support your metabolism and your body’s water balance with lymphatic drainage.

Bracing Climate

When wind hits the sun and salt, this is the best combination for your skin, airways, and circulatory systems. © René Roloff

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