Mushrooms – Gifts from Mother Nature

One outstanding option for an autumn hike in Prerow is to combine it with a mushroom tour. Discover the treasures of nature on your own or with a professional guide: bay boletes, oyster mushrooms, and russula.

What could be a better way to spend an autumn day than armed with baskets and knives on the hunt for mushrooms with the soft forest floor underfoot and the joy of discovering a jewel hidden in the moss?

The original forest and meadows on the Darß peninsula offer the best conditions for mushrooms. In the coastal pine forest, some tasty russula, sand boletes and butter mushrooms can be found. Porcini and chanterelles are almost considered constant companions and can be found throughout the Darß. The bay bolete can be found both under pine and beech trees. At the beginning of the season, the meadows are covered with button mushrooms, parasol mushrooms and puffballs. In late autumn, wood blewits, clitocybes, and oyster mushrooms grow in the fallen leaves of deciduous trees. The oysters can still be found well into winter.

But warning! Only eat mushrooms that you can identify 100 % for certain. The mushroom consulting centre in Born will be glad to help. After registration, you can have your finds appraised.

Are you a mushroom newbie? No problem! Mushroom consultant Antje Hückstädt also offers guided hikes in Prerow and explains the basics. The dates are listed in our calendar of events.

Our culinary offerings include restaurants that prepare seasonal dishes from the local forest.

Maja Dumat – CC BY 2.0
Maja Dumat – CC BY 2.0
© Werner Thoss
© Mario Storch

Mushroom Helpdesk

Antje Hückstädt
Bliesenrader Weg 7
18375 Born a. Darß

T 038 234 301 36

A reservation is required.

September – October

Mushroom Trail

10:00 – 13:00 hrs
Meeting point:
Travel Charme Hotel
Bernstein Prerow

Mushroom advisor Antje Hückstädt shows you the diversity of mushrooms of the Darß.
© Antje Hückstädt

The Ancient
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Trees like in a fairy tale, with massive roots, covered in moss, and otherworldly. Discover a European forest in its most original form.

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Headerfoto: "Boletus edulis" by H.P. Brinkmann is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.