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The “Darßer Ort” with Natureum-Museum and old lighthouse is always worth to visit.
© Johannes-Maria Schlorke

Park Regulations - Protecting Nature with Clear Rules

Motor vehicles are not allowed in the national park. Cars and motorcycles can be conveniently left at designated parking areas (such as on Bernsteinweg in Prerow). There are also travel restrictions on the waterways. No fishing is allowed in any of the waterways to protect the diversity of species here. Information office staff and park rangers will be glad to answer all your questions.

The Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park contains 80,500 hectares of wild seaside landscape. The erosion caused by the sea’s waves over the centuries has resulted in rock formations with a bizarre beauty unlike anywhere else. Spits, sand bars, and countless small islands. An unspoilt paradise with steep and flat coasts for native animal species and migratory birds who come here from all over Europe.

There is no other place like it: the shallow lagoons, coastal lakes, mud flats and salt grass islands. This natural landscape between the Darß peninsula, the Hiddensee and West Rügen has been left untouched in a way seen nowhere else in the major regions of Central Europe. Eels, pipefish, cranes and many other species make their homes here. It is also the most important winter home for migratory birds in the Baltic region.

Another special feature about this place: the coast is constantly shifting. just as the sea takes away earth and sand from the cliffs, it is constantly being deposited on other spots such as the Darß.

To protect this dynamic, intact environment, 80,500 hectares have been turned into the Baltic Sea National Park where nature will be allowed free rein without human intervention. Marvelling allowed, intervention not. The national park regulations provide rules to ensure that the Baltic coast and the lagoon landscape are preserved for future generations. It is an extremely rare and highly endangered ecosystem.


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A highlight for every runner. The national park run combines sport contest with nature experience. © René Roloff

Sat 3.10

11th Nationalparklauf

3rd October
10:00 – 18:00 hrs
Start/Finishing point:
Seebrücke (Pier)
18375 Ostseebad Prerow


The crane’s migration is one of the most impressive spectacle of bird’s nature and you can take a part of this unforgettable experience in the national park. © Marcus Horstbrink

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