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Forest and grasslands of the Darß are advantageous for the growth of mushrooms. Maja Dumat – CC BY 2.0

The Ancient
Darß Forest

Trees like in a fairy tale, with massive roots, covered in moss, and otherworldly. Discover a European forest in its most original form.

Sand underfoot, wind in your hair, and salt on your lips – welcome to the Prerow Baltic resort. Discover the wild coast to the west, and relaxed beaches in the north, dancing cranes, a jungle, bizarre Bodden landscapes, and lagoons. Whether it is Nordic walking routes, the Darß-Marathon, or as leisurely as a mussel – that's up to you.

White-washed driftwood, wind-swept trees, and snow-white beaches. Prerow’s nature is wild and primal. The last ice age formed a unique Bodden landscape, which even today is still constantly changing. This is where salt meets fresh water, and the forest meets the sea.

A walk on the beach in Prerow is a little wellness treatment. The combination of “wind, sun, and salt” has a healing effect on the skin and respiratory system, and strengthens the immune system. More on this topic can be found at Stimulating Climate.

The North Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany. Fine white sand, clear water, and a shallow, safe sea. The West Beach is known for its rugged beauty. The trees are wildly shaped by the sea wind, and grow up to the dunes. You can view the gnarled beech trees along with the Darß jungle: 4700 acres of unspoilt nature, crossed by a long network of hiking, cycling, riding, and carriage trails.

The Crane Migration is a special nature experience. Thousands of delicate birds meet here to take a break every year in spring and autumn. Anyone who takes in the gigantic flocks flowing across the sunrise can imagine why they are holy in Japan. 

The fairy-tale forest, the Bodden, and salt grass islands form the largest German Baltic Sea National Park. You can discover unspoiled nature here, and learn what broomrape and Windflüchter are, and what the seagulls find so funny.

© René Roloff


The small but wonderful nature movie festival is one of the most popular ones nature movie festivals in whole Germany.
© Arche Natura / Ludwig Nikulski

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