Wild Herbs Tour

From early spring until well into autumn, various herbs, shrubs, and trees can be discovered along the paths in the woods and meadows, whose leaves or flowers are edible, or can be used in teas or personal care products.

The nature guide Gerd Wolff will take you on a journey of discovery that offers safe surprises and much interesting information. Old traditional knowledge about nature will be passed on, and the occasional herb will be sampled. You can see, feel, smell, and taste these often inconspicuous treasures along the way. This trail varies in and around Prerow depending on the season and plant growth.

Comfortable footwear is recommended, otherwise it could be that comfrey or ribwort may need to be used.

Whether it is sorrel and beech leaf, blackberry, or plantain, after this Herb Hike you might see some of these plants in a different way. With nature guide Gerd Wolff discover a herb garden in your midst: from late March to late October, every Tuesday.

For Culinary Offerings you can find restaurants offering seasonal dishes from the flora and fauna.

March – October

Wild Herbs Tour

Tuesday, 9:30 – 12:30 hrs
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The Ancient
Darß Forest

Trees like in a fairy tale, with massive roots, covered in moss, and otherworldly. Discover a European forest in its most original form.

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