Around Prerow

Discover Prerow and surroundings on one of our tours: by boat, the Darß rail, or by horse-drawn carriage.


The tiny Darß rail line travels across the Baltic Sea resort of Prerow, offering a charming form of local transport during the summer months. Stops include the harbour, the Tourist Information Office, and the Darß-Museum.



Hafenstraße 21b
18375 Ostseebad Prerow
T 038 233 702 41

Boat Tours

Come aboard our passenger ships and enjoy tours along the Prerower Strom (an inlet of the Baltic) and out to the Bodstedt lagoons. Various tours are offered, starting from the harbour next to the leisure boating dock. In addition, there is a regular ferry service to Fuhlendorf and Born. In September and October, special tours to watch the cranes are offered.

Boat Tour

Barkasse Kranich

ab Hafen Prerow und Born
T 0176 610 485 56

Reederei Poschke

ab Hafen Prerow
T 038 234 239

Reederei Rasche

ab Hafen Prerow und Born
T 038 234 210

Carriage Tours

A special experience are the carriage tours to the lighthouse. You are going fully decelerated by horses' speed through the fairytale Darß Forest. The tours depart several times daily from the Bernsteinweg. Also individual trips and private horse riding lessons are offered.

Carriage Tours

Ralf Bergmann

Bogislaw-Rosen-Weg 3
18375 Ostseebad Prerow
T 038 233 702 77

Kutscherhof Alfred Kayserling

Schmiedeberge 20
18375 Ostseebad Prerow
T 0171 528 67 44

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18375 Ostseebad Prerow

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